Why and where

The demand for air conditioning continues to grow. We all demand higher levels of comfort in our work places, hotels, restaurants and other public places. Air conditioning in cars has become a standard feature – no longer restricted to luxury models. Despite our unpredictable climate the UK enjoys Europe's 4th largest market for air conditioning and yet only some 15% of commercial buildings are air conditioned and the residential market is only just beginning to develop.

Why do we need air conditioning?

  • To offset unwanted energy (heat) in an occupied space (due to lighting, computers, people, heat gains from outside etc).
  • To offset cold conditions (due to winter climate) i.e. to add heat.
  • To provide clean, healthy conditions.
  • To improve productivity by providing comfortable conditions.
  • To improve living conditions (comfort).
  • To increase the value of property.

Where do we need air conditioning?

Air conditioning is used in virtually all walks of life, as it is no longer considered a luxury, especially with the lifestyle we have today and the amount of pollution that exists.

Also, with the advancement of electronics and manufacturing processes, manufacturers are capable of producing highly flexible, simple, energy efficient and low cost equipment compared to our present standards of living. It is used in the following applications: Health Clubs, Petrol Stations, Dental Surgeries, Industrial Processes, Super Markets, Doctor's Surgeries and many specialist applications such as computer rooms, CD manufacturing etc.