Lambourne provide fresh air ventilation for all buildings such as; hospitals, schools, hotels and residential homes.

Fresh air is the basic requirement for a productive and healthy workplace. That means it is also the basic requirement for a successful business.

It sounds obvious, but any workplace – be it industrial or commercial, factory or office – needs a constantly circulating airstream to replace and ventilate stale and noxious air.

Not only is ventilation and air filtration / purification a fundamental to a healthy work environment, it also ensures that machinery is not damaged or components and products spoiled by fumes or condensation.

Residential Range

Lambourne offers a variety of ventilation solutions that offers cost effective energy efficient fresh air ventilation, that takes out dirty indoor air and pushes in fresh outdoor air to the rooms of your home.

Units sizes from 150–350 m3/h
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Commercial & Industrial Range

Lambourne can supply and install Air Handling Units (AHU) are highly energy efficient and offer tailor made solutions that suit most buildings due to it’s modular design.

Units sizes from 150–140,000 m3/h
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Lambourne offers a variety of solutions for the provision of fresh air ventilation on commercial premises which can be a stand alone unit or integrated with Multi Split or VRV/VRF systems.

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