Residential Heating

Enjoy an ideal climate within your home thanks to leading manufacturers integrated systems, which will both heat and cool your home to maintain the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. Indoor units can offer more than just heating and cooling; they can also provide humidity control and fresh air ventilation, advanced inverter and heat pump technologies offer excellent seasonal efficiencies over the year.

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Commercial Heating

Commercial heating systems offer highly efficient solutions that help to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of all kinds and sizes of buildings – from restaurants and offices to large hotels, apartment buildings and sports & leisure centres.

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Heating Calculator

Our engineers have very sophisticated tools and computer modelling software to determine the type and power of the heating system that is appropriate to your premises. They will take into account a number more factors than used in this simple calculator, such things as machinery and office equipment, thermal gain from windows, ventilation, the location of premises and building construction and of course it’s thermal properties. They will also take into account how your other HVAC units will integrate with the proposed solution.

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