Air Conditioning Systems

Commercial air conditioning units control the temperature, movement, humidity, cleanliness and ventilation of the air inside a building. Air con systems cool in the summer and warms in the winter, providing year-round climate control for a comfortable and productive working environment.

Choosing the right commercial air conditioning system for your business is not always easy. The requirements of office air conditioning systems will be very different from restaurant or shop air con, or warehouse and industrial ac / cooling units. That’s why our expert, independent advice is essential.

As a leading UK commercial air conditioning contractor we work closely with all the major manufacturers. These include Mitsubishi (we are an Approved Business Solutions Partner), Daikin and Fujitsu. Such regular and direct contact provides our HVAC engineers with an up-to-the-minute knowledge of all the latest products and technologies.

Our hands-on relationships with our clients mean that we really do understand what different buildings and workspaces require.  Trust us to come up with the air-conditioning system that is right for you, every time.

We’ve 25 years experience in commercial HVAC and it counts –  Call us 020 8501 or contact us now for a fast, friendly & competitive service.


A Guide Air Conditioning Systems

Split & Sky air conditioning?

The sensible answer for a single room, a single indoor unit is linked to a single outdoor condenser. Find out more here. It is possible to buy ‘all in one’ units that go through wall or window. It is very rare that we ever fit such units, however more details can be found here.

Multi-split air conditioning?

The system works in the same way as ‘split’ air conditioning but allows several indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor condenser. This system is ideal for minimising the space required for outdoor units. Find out more.

A VRF/VRV system?

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most sophisticated development of the ‘split’ system. Up to 50 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor condenser, which responds proportionately to the number of indoor units operating. The indoor units may be individually set for heating or cooling, providing superb flexibility and energy efficiency.  Find out more


Cooling Calculator

At it’s simplest you will need to know what the likely heat gain (also known as heat load) is for the room or rooms you wish to cool. This is measured in BTU’s. For a quick and simple indication of what this might be we have developed a heat gain calculator to establish the likely size your air conditioning will need to be.


Service Maintenance & Repair

Our air conditioning servicing and maintenance plans set the gold standard in HVAC healthcare. Whether it is office, retail, restaurant, factory or warehouse cooling, our expert air con engineers ensure the optimum performance of your HVAC system, and help avoid the need for costly air con repairs. Find out more