Air Handling Units

An air handling unit provides tailor-made solutions for optimising air conditions throughout a building or buildings. Daikin’s AHU are based on modular design which is capable of adapting to the needs of a variety of applications and are developed to provide maximum flexibility whilst achieving the highest level of comfort.

Daikin has a large standard range of AHU covering air flow rates from 500m3/h up to 140,000m3/h, which can be adapted to deliver whatever air flow required. However, as AHUs are modular designed there are also variable sizes giving the possibility to tailor the unit sizes through increments/decrements of 5cm. The modular design enables ease of transportation and assembly on site, without the need for welding ensuring maximum flexibility and reduced installation costs and time.

All Daikin AHUs are highly energy efficient with the use of Polyurethane panels, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation. The exclusive fixing method ensures a uniformed pressure and reduces, significantly the air leakage rate.

D-AHU Easy 500 m3/h – 30,000 m3/h
D-AHU Energy 500 m3/h – 70,000 m3/h
D-AHU Professional 800 m3/h – 140,000 m3/h